“Invasion approved by Russia, practiced by Turkey”


The political decision to invade Afrin is given by Russia and the terror is practiced by Turkey, co-chair of Movement for a Democratic Society Asya Abdullah said, highlighting the cooperation between Ankara and Moscow.

In an interview with ANF Turkish Service, Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM) Co-chair Asya Abdullah said that the struggle to defend Afrin is the struggle to defend whole Syria and added “Afrin resistance is a Kurdish resistance but at the same time it’s a Syrian resistance. Because it defends all peoples of Syria and its future”.

Asya Abdullah pointed out that if Afrin is invaded by Turkey, then the terror groups will be settled in the region and they will be used by Turkey against the people of Syria.

“This is an attempt to form another ISIS. This is an attempt to revive ISIS” she said.

“Despite all international agreements and law, there is a state terror here. They attacked Afrin with warplanes, tanks, artillery and heavy weapons together with Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and ISIS gangs. What ISIS did to this country, Erdogan does the same in Afrin. It’s more dangerous than ISIS terror. Warplanes are used against civilians 24 hours a day. What are we going to say if we don’t call this terror?” Abdullah underlined.

Speaking about Russia’s responsibility on the attacks Abdullah said: “No agreement involving the Afrin operation will bring stability to Syria. There won’t be peace and tranquility. The invasion operation on Afrin is a result of agreement with Russia. The political decision of invasion and policy of massacre was given by Russia and Erdogan practices its terror part. Russia is responsible for these attacks. This is not a secret”.

Abdullah pointed out that; “This invasion attacks are against the integrity of Syria and its people. If Russia really wants a solution in Syria and wants to bring all peoples of Syria under a common political solution, why does it give permission to Turkey’s invasion? These are all results of political bargains and agreements”.

“They want the crisis and chaos to continue for their interests. No power can give permission to an occupation if it wants a solution for Syria. Afrin is a part of Syria and it was a secure area where hundreds of thousands live in peace”.

Abdullah called upon everyone to support the resistance and said; “Now the only way to stand against invasion is resistance. The resistance continues for the past 40 days with great heroism. This resistance will be conclusive”.


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