“International powers are responsible for the attacks on Afrin”


Local people who got wounded as a result of Turkish attacks on Afrin’s Mabata district stated that international powers are responsible for the attacks against civilians.

Mustefa Ehmed Ibrahîm (60), Şêrazildîn Xelîl Silêman (48), Reşîd Hemîd Mûsa (29) and Seydo Şukrî Ebdo (65) suffered wounds as a result of Saturday morning’s intensified bombardment against Mabata district of Afrin. All the four civilians were taken under treatment at the Avrin Hospital.

Seydo Şukrî Ebdo stated that: “I was at my home, hearing sounds of warplanes. Bombardments were carried out afterwards.”

Mustefa Ehmed Ibrahîm, on the other hand, was walking on the street when a bomb fell near him. He stated that international powers and international community is responsible for the attacks against civilians in Afrin.


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