Heavy fighting reported on three fronts in Afrin


Violent clashes continue between the Turkish army and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Shera, Jindires and Rajo districts of Afrin on Saturday.

According to local sources, 16 Turkish soldiers were killed and two military vehicles were destroyed in the clashes.

Turkish army heavily bombarded Eskere Kefercene, Sinka, Xirabe Shera and Baflone villages since early hours of Saturday and clashes continued in Jindires, Shera and Rajo districts.

In Shera Turkish warplanes attacked the district center while heavy fighting continues in nearby villages.

Locals report of 16 Turkish soldiers and gang members killed between Chema and Baflone. Two military vehicles were also destroyed.

In Jindires, heavy fighting continues between SDF and Turkish soldiers in the outskirts of the district center.


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