Demonstrations for Afrin in Copenhagen and Stockholm


Solidarity demonstrations took place in Copenhagen and Stockholm in solidarity with the resistance of Afrin against the war crimes of the Turkish state.

Under the motto “Everywhere is Afrin, everywhere is resistance”, in Copenhagen, hundreds of people appealed to the Danish government to break the silence on the inhuman crimes of the Turkish state in Afrin and to act.

Søren Søndergaard, a member of the Red-Green Unity Party, said in a speech that the UN decision was in favor of a ceasefire for all of Syria and that the Turkish state did not comply.

In Stockholm, a demonstration was held under the motto “Afrin is not alone”. Hundreds of people carried pictures of civilians killed and protested against the Turkish military invasion of Afrin. The demonstration featured YPG / YPJ flags and a large image of Abdullah Öcalan.

In speeches, it was pointed out that the Turkish state was attacking the most peaceful region in Syria because democracy, equality and brotherhood prevailed in Afrin.


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