City Councils in Sweden to launch solidarity campaigns for Afrin


Mayor of Avesta in Sweden’s Dalarna region, Lars Isacsson, announced that they will be launching a countrywide campaign in solidarity with Afrin, under attack by the Turkish state and the FSA gangs.

A committee formed by the Avesta Democratic Kurdish Society Center as part of public diplomacy met with city council members about the threats and attacks against Afrin.

The first meeting held in the municipality building was attended by families from Afrin, revolutionaries from Turkey and the Avesta DKSC administrators.

The committee showed Mayor Isacsson the reasons and outcomes of the Turkish state attacks against Afrin and photographs of civilians who lost their lives, asking for municipal action against the Turkish state massacres.

The second meeting was held in the Avesta Democratic Kurdish Society Center locale a week later, and was attended by Isacsson and Social Democratic Worker’s Party MP Patrik Engström.

In the meeting participants unanimously agreed to launch a solidarity campaign with Afrin and a letter of solidarity written by Isacsson to be sent to all municipalities in Sweden, asking city councils for signatures.

The participants also decided to write articles to announce the petition and have it published on local papers, and a committee from Avesta to visit the parliament to speak with MPs about the issue.


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