Latest on the arrest of Saleh Moslem


The file about the arrest of Saleh Moslem has not reached the prosecutor’s office yet.

TEV-DEM foreign relations official and former PYD leader Saleh Moslem was detained in Prague, capital city of Czech Republic, at Turkey’s request the night before.

In a statement on Sunday, Police of Czech Republic announced a 67-year-old man had been arrested in Prague at the request of the Turkish Interpol but didn’t provide the name of Moslem.

Moslem’s lawyer Tomas Pelikan stated that he had met with his client on Sunday and that he was in good condition. Pelikan said the file on his arrest has not reached the prosecutor’s office, for which reason the court date has not been clarified yet.

According to laws, the police is supposed to present the file to the prosecutor’s office till 23:00 tonight. In this case, Moslem will be referred to court and decision on his arrest will be made tomorrow.

Lawyer Pelikan stated that Moslem was detained in connection with a case Turkey opened against him in 2017.

In the meantime, Kurds from across Europe are flooding to Prague in solidarity with the Kurdish leader. Kurds and their allies have gathered in Prague and started a march to the Ministry of Interior.

In various countries, Kurds and their allies are sending messages to Czechia Embassies and Consulates via fax, e-mail and phone in protest at Moslem’s arrest.

A delegation formed to monitor Moslem’s case has called on the Kurdish people and their friends to continue their protest actions.



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