SDF: 32 jihadists and four Turkish soldiers were killed in Afrin


32 jihadists and four Turkish soldiers were killed in Afrin within the last 24 hours, according to a report by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) published the results of battles in Afrin for the last 24 hours when 32 jihadists and four Turkish soldiers were killed.


The statement said that on the Shêra Front two military vehicles were completely destroyed. During the battles a leader of the Sultan Murad Brigade named Hesen El Ehmed was killed. Turkish fighter jets yesterday bombarded the village of Meyemîn between 8pm and 9pm.


In Mabeta, the Turkish military bombed the villages of Sara and Sheytana since Thursday evening. The hills around Mabeta are also under attack amid continued clashes with SDF and invading forces.


In Rajo, the SDF carried out an action against a point of the Turkish military and the militias. The location was completely destroyed and many soldiers and jihadists were killed. After the action, large quantities of ammunition and weapons could be secured by the SDF. Fierce fighting continues in the region.


The area surrounding Shêrawa was bombed with fighter jets and targeted with heavy weaponry. The Turkish military attacked a civilian convoy that was on its way to Afrin. There were dead and injured in the attack. New recordings have also surfaced showing how loyal militias executed a farmer reclaiming his usurped tractor.


The city center of Afrin was also bombarded by the Turkish military with heavy weaponry and artillery. Thursday night, the city center and surrounding area were bombarded with a large number of artillery shells.


SDF fighters carried out an action, completely destroying a jihadist position and killing eight jihadists.

It was learned that in the last 24 hours, 32 jihadists and 4 Turkish soldiers were killed and 14 jihadists and two soldiers were injured.


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