Protests for Afrin in Europe


In many cities in Europe, protests continue against the Turkish military invasion on Afrin.

At the Leipzig University in Hannover, the Kurdish student association YXK and the SDS Left have hung pictures with different motives to draw attention to the attacks of the Turkish state on Efrîn.

In Bremen, the Kurdish youth movement distributed leaflets in front of a protest tent. The Kurdish musician Hozan Şemdin supported the vigil with musical contributions.

In Freiburg a demonstration took place from the Old Synagogue to the city center, where an immediate stop of German arms exports to Turkey was demanded.

In Rees on the Lower Rhine, Kurds demonstrated with YPG / YPJ flags and pictures of Abdullah Öcalan.

In Munich there was a protest against the Turkish state’s attack on the civilian population and a solidarity convoy in Afrin in front of the Turkish consulate.

A vigil has been going on in Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz since the beginning of the Turkish military invasion. Also in Ulm a vigil took place.

In Stade, Kurdish youth movement held a demonstration.

Other protest actions took place in Geneva, Basel, Aarau, Bern, St. Gallen and in several cities in France.


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