Swedish MPs: UN should intervene to stop Turkish attacks on Afrin


Swedish MPs Emilia Töyra and Eva-Lena Jahnsson called upon United Nation to intervene in the situation in Afrin and send a support message for the people of the besieged canton.

Recently, Kenneth G. Forslund, chair of parliamentary foreign relations commission and a group of Swedish MPs including Emilia Töyra and Eva-Lena Jansson released a statement and condemned Turkish attacks on Afrin.

In an interview with ANF, Töyra said that Turkey is attacking Afrin to destroy the democratic system in the canton and criticized western countries for their silence on the issue after they supported Kurds in the fight against ISIS.

“UN should openly declare its stance and say that Turkey is doing wrong. It shouldn’t be content with this and should intervene directly to stop the Turkish state’s attacks. EU also should declare that Turkish attacks won’t be accepted” Töyra said.

Töyra warned that EU’s and UN’s silence would mean approval of the attacks on Afrin and urged the European governments to speak up on the issue.

“Hold on Afrin. The world sees what’s going on” Töyra said as a message to the people of Afrin.


Swedish MP Eva-Lena Jansson said that Turkish bombing of Afrin is a violation of international law and added “Turkey attacks the people of Afrin who fight to liberate their land and succeed. This is not acceptable”.

“Turkey says that there is a threat and attack from there. But we didn’t get an information that confirms this claim. What we see is innocent civilians being affected from Turkish attacks” Jansson said.
Jansson urged United Nations and European Union to condemn Turkey’s attacks.


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