SDF: 1219 soldiers and gang members killed in Afrin in 34 days


The Syrian Democratic Forces have published a report on the aggressive war against the Canton of Afrin that has been going on since January 20. According to the report, at least 1219 Turkish soldiers and allied jihadists were killed in 34 days.

In a written statement, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) provided information on what has happened since the onset of the war of aggression by the Turkish government against the northern Syrian canton of Afrin.

The following information was published by the SDF Press Center:

“The Turkish state began a war of aggression against the northern Syrian canton of Afrin on January 20, 2018, at 5 pm with the support of pro-Turkish jihadists from al-Nusra and the Islamic State. The balance sheet of the attacks is as follows:

1- Martyrs in the ranks of our forces: In the heroic resistance 177 of our fighters lost their lives. Our fallen fighters were laid to rest in grand ceremonies.

2- Enemy Dead: In effective actions by our forces, 1219 enemy soldiers and affiliated terrorists were killed. This number is derived from the dead bodies that have been counted on the ground.

3 – Airstrikes: The Turkish state has carried out 810 air raids on civilian residential areas, infrastructure, water storage and drinking water treatment plants and schools as part of its invasion intentions.

4- Artillery Attacks: The Turkish Army and pro-Turkish terrorist groups have launched 2,785 heavy artillery attacks against civilian residential areas and rural areas.

5- Combat: There is clear information about the outcome with respect to 542 clashes between our units and enemy forces. There is no information available regarding the results of 134 confrontations.

6- Downed aircraft: Since the beginning of the invasion operation, a Cobra helicopter and a Sikorsky transport helicopter have been downed. In the downed transport helicopter were eleven soldiers of the Turkish army, including senior military personnel. In addition, two reconnaissance aircraft were downed, one being Bayraktar type of Turkish origin.

7- Destroyed Armor Vehicles: A total of 66 armored vehicles of the Turkish Army have been destroyed since the onset of war of aggression. In separate cases, 17 military vehicles were rendered useless.”


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