Turkish state’s savagery in Afrin


Turkish-backed gangs executed a villager with dozens of bullets after seizing his tractor in a village of Afrin.

As the invading Turkish army and affiliated gangs continue their invasion attempt against Afrin, more acts of savagery by the mentioned forces are coming out every day since the launch of their operation on January 20.

This time, Al-Qaeda affiliated gangs under the Turkish army that plunder the invaded villages in Afrin seized the tractor of a villager whom they later executed naked in a barbaric manner.

A video footage published by Syrian Civil War Map shows the gangs executing a local man half naked as he tries to flee after having his tractor seized by the barbaric group.

The yellow band on the arms of the gang members exposes their affiliation to the Turkish state. The group is guessed to be from Firqet Al-Hamza.



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