People’s Council at work for the residents of Jindires


In Jindires much of the infrastructure has been damaged by the Turkish army and jihadist gangs. The People’s Council strives to meet the everyday needs of the population.

In the district of Jindires in Afrin many services are interrupted due to the Turkish military invasion. The members of the People’s Council and the municipalities in the region are working at full speed to ensure that the population is supplied with fuel, food, electricity and water.

Generators provide a power supply of six hours a day. Since the water pipes are destroyed by shell impacts, water is distributed daily.

The health center in Jindires was also destroyed by the attacks. The People’s Council has set up a health center in another building where people receive medical care.

Co-chair of the People’s Council, Idris Weqas calls on international relief organizations to assist with the supply of medicines and food.



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