Kurdish Writer Ferec: Those who don’t kneel will prevail in Afrin


Kurdish writer Latif Fatih Ferec stated that there is a great resistance in Afrin for the last 33 days against the Turkish state and their invasion attacks and added: “Those who don’t kneel will prevail in Afrin.”

As the Turkish state and ISIS-Al Nusra-Al Qaeda derived FSA gangs continue their invasion attacks against Afrin on the 33rd day, the people of Afrin and the fighters counter the attacks with the Resistance of the Age. As support for the resistance in Afrin grows, so does the objections to the invading Turkish state.

Kurdish writer Latif Fatih Ferec spoke about the ongoing Resistance of the Age in Afrin and stated that those who don’t kneel down for the invasion attacks of the Turkish state will prevail in Afrin.

Ferec said it is immoral for those who talk about human rights, humanity and democracy to ignore the Turkish state’s massacres in Afrin and added that the US stands with the fighters on one hand, and with Erdoğan, who orders the massacres in Afrin, on the other.

Ferec said global politics is not bright and added: “People like Trump, Putin and Erdoğan want to start history with themselves. They develop policies without thinking about people or humanity. They want everything to suit their desires. The Turkish state and Erdoğan said Afrin would take 3 hours. But look at what happened, the Afrin resistance has contiued for 33 days. The Turkish state is desperate in the face of this resistance, that is why they unethically attack civilians and commit massacres. Those who resist in Afrin did not bend the knee for the Turkish state. Those who prevail in Afrin will be those who refuse to kneel.”


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