Internationalist Afrin Resistance Committee Berlin founded


An internationalist alliance has been set up in Berlin to better coordinate solidarity actions for Afrin in the federal capital.

Numerous groups came together in Berlin to plan joint actions to defend Afrin. All the activists condemned, on behalf of their groups, the Turkish military invasion of the northern Syrian canton, stating that the attacks on Afrin were to be understood as attacks on all democratic forces worldwide.

At the end of the meeting, the participating groups decided to act as the ‘Internationalist Afrin Resistance Committee Berlin’. Till the end of the war against Afrin, the resistance committee will meet for weekly meetings and coordinate protests. “The newly formed Resistance Committee greets the YPG, YPJ, SDF and all other forces that are currently successfully resisting the Turkish occupation army and their Islamist allies,” a statement said.

The ‘Internationalist Afrin Resistance Committee Berlin’ stands “explicitly as an open meeting for all democratic forces in Berlin”. Accordingly, further groups in Berlin are to be approached and invited to participate in the coming period. “All democratic forces in Berlin are called upon to take quick, permanent and comprehensive initiatives for the defense of Afrin in the capital,” the committee said.


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