176 civilians massacred by the Turkish state in Afrin in 34 days


During the 34 days of the Turkish state’s invasion operation against Afrin, 176 civilians, including 27 children and 21 women, have been massacred, while 484 civilians were wounded, among them 60 children and 71 women.

Civilians have been targeted since the first day of the invasion attempt by the Turkish army and affiliated ISIS and Al-Nusra gangs against Afrin Canton of Northern Syria. Since the launch of the invasion operation by the Turkish state against Afrin on January 20, 176 civilians, including 27 children and 21 women, have been massacred, while 484 civilians were wounded, among them 60 children and 71 women.

Majority of civilian casualties was caused by bombardments by warplanes, armed unmanned aerial vehicles and artillery attacks. Using the Syrian airspace opened by Russia, the Turkish state continues to bomb Afrin city and its districts for 34 days now.

Speaking to ANF about civilian casualties, Afrin Canton Health Council Co-chair Ancela Resho said; “The Turkish state is targeting civilians since the first day of their attacks. Contrary to their claims that civilians are never targeted, children, women and migrants have all been a target so far.”

Ancelo Resho stated that all the 176 civilians martyred in the attacks lost their lives as a result of aerial and artillery attacks of the Turkish state that separately perpetrated massacres in several locations. She added that they have not been able to reach the dead bodies of many civilians so far.

Resho noted that most of the martyred civilians were migrants that had taken refuge in Afrin due to the civil war in Syria. She gave the following information about massacres;

“The Turkish state’s first massacre against civilians took place in Afrin’s Tirende neighborhood where a migrant family from Idlib’s Kefer Hemra region was targeted. Two people from this family were killed, one of them being a child, and four others got wounded.

The second massacre was perpetrated in Cilbire village on January 21 and families that had migrated from Meryamin region were targeted. 8 people fell and 11 got wounded in the attacks.

In the third massacre in Mabeta on January 26, 6 people from the same family were killed and one was wounded.

In the fourth massacre, a family living on animal husbandry was targeted in Gobel region, as a result of which 8 people were killed and 8 others were wounded.

Apart from that, airstrikes on Rajo district targeted an Armenian family. While the mother and father got wounded, their children lost their lives.”

Stressing that people are not leaving their lands despite the intensified attacks of the Turkish state, Ancela Resho said; “Recently, they have started to use chemical weapons banned by international conventions. They used weapons with banned substance. Six civilians who got injured in Aranda village of Shiye and then hospitalized were observed to have been subjected to high dose of chlorine gas that is also prohibited by international conventions.”

According to the records of Afrin Canton Health Council, names of the 176 civilians massacred in 34 days of Turkey’s invasion operation are as follows;

Names of the children massacred:

1- Yahya Ehmed Hemeda (9)

2- Selma El Hüseyin (6)

3- Xaliya El Hüseyin (8)

4- Hedil El Hüseyin (10)

5- Wail El Hüseyin (1)

6- Museab El Hüseyin (6)

7- Ehmed El Hüseyin (17)

8- Name not available

9- Sami El Hüseyin (12)

10- Memed Xelil Bekir (10)

11- Name not available (a girl)

12- Cegerxwîn Memed (16)

13- Nazi Yusif Yusif (16)

14- Zekiya Taha El Xatir (15 years old, disabled)

15- Esra Taha El Xatir (6)

16- Ezadin El Amir (8)

17- Süleyman El Xatir (14)

18- Name not available

19- Ehmed Kino (15)

20- Henadi Kino (15)

21- Sefayi Kino (7)

22- Suzan Siphî Hüseyin (11)

23- Hesen Kino (13)

24- Kemal Kino (7 months)

25- Name not available

26- Arhat Ehmed Elîko (9)

27- Heyfa Mihemed Kelaho (13)

Women massacred in Turkish attacks;

1- Rehef El Hüseyin

2- Name not available

3- Amara Elî

4- Evîn Azad

5- Sewsen Cemil

6- Elmasa Şêxo Horo

7- Name not available

8- Fatma Mihemed

9- Hevîn Mihemed Robîci

10- Emîna Mistefa El Xatir

11- Fatima Ehmed Ebdirbo

12- Curya Kino

13- Eyşa Xalid

14- Riwan El Eswed

15- Emîra Kino

16- Name not available

17- Name not available

18- Zeyneb Mihemed

19- Emina Şahin

20- Hurya Ebid Hecris

21- Fehima Hemeda El Hemeda.

Men massacred in Turkish attacks;

1- Kinco Kinco

2- Cuma Yehya Mecid

3- Aslan Fehim Misto

4- Omer Mihemed Reşid

5- Îbo Xelil Reşid

6- Sebrî Elî Sebri

7- Kaniwar (surname not available)

8- Izedin El Amir Azad

9- Azad (surname not available)

10- Reşid El Neesen

11- Mecid Abid

12- Basil Hesen

13- Mehmud (surname not available)

14- Givara (surname not available)

15- Behri Ednan

16- Mihemed Henan

17- Beşar Dilşêr Welat

18- Çekdar (surname not available)

19- Bedir El Hisên

20- Mihemed Ebdo Kinco

21- Welid Mistefa Kulsili

22- Ehmed Rehmano

23- Mihemed Mehmud Qudo

24- Basil Ridwan Îbrahim

25- Omer Misto

26- Mihemed Beyrem Mihemed

27- Elî Şêxo

28- Ehmed El Hüseyin

29- Ebdulqadir Şêxo

30- Rustem Nuri Heftaro

31- Mihemed Fewzi Bekir

32- Mihemed Mistefa Misto

33- Name not available

34- Elî Ebdulrehman Şêxo

35- Name not available, a disabled citizen

36- Îmad Simo

37- Name not available

38- Nîda Xelil

39- Xelil Mihemed Mihemed

40- Ehmed Mihemed Reşid

41- Name not available, a young person

42- Name not available, a young person

43- Name not available, a young person

44- Xelil Hurik Weys

45- Hisên Mihemed

46- Name not available

47- Mihemed Hesen Reşid

48- Ebdulqadir Mennan Hemo

49- Şêxo Heyder Şalik

50- Mihemed Hadi Hadi

51- Mihemed Ehmed Bilati

52- Ebdo Mihemed Said Xelil

53- Ciwan Welid Mistefa

54- Şêxmus Ebdulrehman Dawud

55- Şêxo Enwer Kunis

56- Mehmud Mihemed Mistefa

57- Nêçirvan Mihemed Emin Ebdo

58- Ridwan Rifet Hesen

59- Mihemed El Xatir

60- Taha Mistefa El Xatir

61- El Xatir

62- Mihemed Salah Mihemed

63- Omer Hikmet Bekir

64- Ebdo Cuma Hisên

65- Nasir Elî Misto

66- Nida El Ehmeddd

67- Mihemed Ehmed

68- Emir Hesen

69- Said El Mihemed

70- Eli Ebdulrehman

71- Mihemed Ehmed Bekir

72- Mehmud Mistefa Masturli

73- Ferhad Silêman

74-Behcet Niyazi Sido

75- İbrahim Hisên Eli

76- Ehmed Ednan Mennan

77- Zekeriya İsmail Kawa

78- Mihemed Ednan Eli

79- Omer İbrahim Reşo

80- Ebdulah Miqdat Habil

81- Rojhat Musa

82- Eli Ehmed Bekir

83- Ocelan Arif Bekir

84- Mehmud Reşit Soko

85- Ehmed El Casim

86- Arif Elo Eziz

87- Mihemed Omer

88- Şêrwan Hesen

89- Mihemed Eli Hemo

90- Ehmed Hemud

91- Bekir Xelo

92- Iyd El Binif

93- Şêrwan Îbrahim Îbiş

94- Hesen Ebû Zuhur

95- Roni Ebdo

96- Şivan Hebeş

97- Mistefa Qedûr

98- Munzur Mistefa

99 Ehmed Hemo

100- Basil Qerehesen

101- Mistefa Mistefa

102- Elî Hembeşo

103- Mihemed Mihemed

104- Cemal Kemal Misto

105- Ehmed Hemo Silêman

106- Kawa Ezîz Elûş

107- Dildar Ehmed Tobal

108- Ehmed Mihemed Horo

109- Hisên Mehmud Nebo

110- Mihemed Enwer Xelil Mistefa

111- Mazlum Zekeriya Reşo

112- Ferhad Mihemed Îbîş

113- Nisret Osman Hisên

114- Ednan Mihemed Îbrahim

115- Mihemed İbrahim

116- Mihemed Îbrahim Reşo

117- Heyder Mihemed Sido

118- Osman Mihemed Naso

119- Kawa Nuri Şahin

120- Ciwan Mihemed Memo

121- Demhat Hisên Qenber

122- Ridwan Mihemed Hisên

123- Mehmud Hesen Berazi

124- Ebdureham Akkaş

125- Hisên Mistefa Mecid

126- Mihemed Mistefa Qere Mistefa

127- Name not available

128- Eşref Eli Heyder.


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