4,200 students out of school due to attacks in Rajo


4,200 students in the Rajo region alone are unable to continue school due to the invading Turkish state’s barbaric attacks against civilians in Afrin.

The Turkish state directly targets civilians and bombs civilian residential areas and institutions working to fulfill the needs of citizens in barbaric attacks as part of their invasion attacks against Afrin. Thousands of students in the region have been deprived of their education. With the Turkish state attacks targeting schools as part of their attacks against civilians, 4.200 students in the Rajo region alone are unable to continue school due to the bombings.

Rajo Region Education Committee Administrator Şervan Hemû stressed that the Turkish state is directly targeting schools in their attacks against civilians and stated that the Turkish state has targeted and bombed the Şehîd Reûf school in the Hesen village, the Şehîd Welat school in the Şadiya village, the Şehîd Rustem school in the Qudê village and the Şehîd Tekoşîn school in the Hecika village. Hemû also stated that in the district center the Şehit Demhat school with 800 students, the Şehid Rojhilat school with 400 students and the Şehid Heci Mûsa school have been bombed.

Hemû said children suffer the most damage in the attacks against the region and added that 4.200 students are unable to continue school.

A 4th-grade student named Dilîne Bekir whose school has been bombed said they can’t go to school because of the bombs and asked, “Why is Turkey attacking us?


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