“Victory will be of the legendary resistance in Afrin”


The victory will be of the resistance fighters in Afrin, despite the technological superiority of the Turkish army, Nujin Derik, a member of YPG/YPJ central command said.

In an interview with ANHA News Agency, Nujin Derik, a member of YPG/YPJ central command spoke about the current situation in Afrin and stressed that the victory will be of the legendary resistance in Afrin.

Derik accused Turkey of forming an alliance with ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham and recalled that Turkey and its gangs are continuously attacking Afrin for the past 30 days. She pointed out the tactics used by the Turkish supported gangs, such as mutilating bodies of YPG/YPJ fighters, and said this alone shows that there are ISIS and Al Qaeda gang members among the invaders.

Derik criticized international powers for their stance against the Turkish invasion attacks on Afrin and urged all Kurds to take to the streets to change the policies of western countries.

Speaking about the resistance in Afrin, Derik said, “When Turkey launched its attacks, they said they would enter Afrin within 2-3 days. Then Erdogan raised this period to 1-2 weeks. But we are resisting for a month and Erdogan is now silenced. The sole source of our resistance is the will and belief of our fighters. We will continue to resist until victory. We have no doubt that the victory will be of the resistance of the age”.

Nujin remarked that they receive no support from any power other than the people of Afrin and added “If there was a state that supports us, it would urge Turkey to stop killing children and invasion attack on Afrin”.

According to Nujin, due to its failure to break the resistance Turkey is targeting the infrastructure of the region to force the population to migrate.

“After suffering heavy losses against YPG and YPJ, Turkish state attempts to leave the people without food and water. To this end, they started to target the institutions which provide the basic needs of the people” Nujin said.

Nujin saluted the people of Afrin for supporting the resistance and urged all supporters to take action until their government show a firm stance against Turkish state’s invasion attacks.


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