Seven Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin


Seven Turkish soldiers were killed during clashes between the Turkish army and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Raco district, SDF Press Center said.

Last night at 7 pm, the Turkish occupation army and its terrorist factions had bombed Alika village by heavy artillery. The bombardment lasted to the midnight.

Since last night the Turkish jets bombing continues. Deir Sawan village, Nabi Horri castle and Halobiyah village in addition to Maydanki village, were targets of the Turkish air strikes and artillery.


The villages along the border were targets for the Turkish raids and artillery. Heavy clashes erupted between our forces and the terrorist invaders.


The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist allies (Daesh/Al-Nusra) shelled downtown of Mabatah and the surrounding villages.


Basutah and the surrounding villages were exposed to a brutal bombardment by the Turkish invasion army and terrorist factions.

The bombardment targeted the populated neighborhoods and several civilians got martyred and wounded including women and children.


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