Red Cross to hold demonstration in Gotland


Together with NGOs and political parties active in the islands, the Red Cross will be holding a demonstration to protest the Turkish state’s civilian massacres in Afrin and to show solidarity with the people of Afrin in Gotland, Sweden.

The announcement was published on Gotland’s website, stating that the Turkish state violates several international laws and wages a war to annihilate civilians. The silence of the European Union in the face of massacres is also criticized.

The statement says the European Union and member states want to be on good terms with Europe to prevent refugees from reaching Europe and calls on the people of Gotland to show solidarity with Afrin, to “Come and show solidarity, come and hold a demonstration for peace and freedom”.

The demonstration will be held in Östercentrum Square, Visby on February 23 at 16.00.

Gotland is in the Baltic Sea and has a population of 58.000, 25.000 of whom are in Visby.


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