More than 100 gang members killed in Afrin named


The ANF has obtained the list of gang members derived from ISIS-Al Qaeda killed in Afrin which the Turkish state officials and the Turkish media try to hide.

According to this list, in just the first 10 days, 103 gang members registered in Aleppo have been killed.

The Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin have entered day 31. The invading Turkish army and the ISIS-Al Qaeda gangs they support under the guise of FSA are experiencing a historic defeat against the “Resistance of the Age” formed by the peoples of Afrin and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Resisters of the age deliver heavy blows to the TAF and the FSA gangs while their losses are kept from the public. Both Turkish state officials and the Turkish media work especially hard to this end, but the ANF has managed to obtain a list of the FSA gang members derived from ISIS and Al Qaeda and killed in the battle of Afrin.

The list is prepared in groups, from Aleppo to Idlib to Azaz and many other places and includes the names, surnames, dates of birth, mother’s and father’s names and the city of residence of the dead and the wounded in Afrin.


The list was prepared on the 10th day of the attacks, and includes 103 losses registered in Aleppo alone. The lists for gang members brought from Idlib, Azaz, Jarablus and Bab are kept separately. These groups made to fight against the SDF have almost all been killed, while the Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin are reported to be hidden from those in the fronts and their lists are kept separately.

Some gang members have fled the fronts as they fail to fight against the SDF and suffer heavy losses, while the MİT is reportedly trying to recruit more members from refugee camps in Turkey to attack Afrin. This is done in the refugee camps in Kilis and Antep in particular, and the men brought in to fight in the Afrin fronts are given 100  USD each.


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