A Kurdish civilian killed in Turkish bombing: UPDATED


Turkish artillery fire killed a Kurdish civilian and wounded 10 others in Basute village near Sharawa district of Afrin.

According to locals, a shell hit the home of Xalo family in Basute village on Monday.

One child was killed and ten others, including seven children were injured in the attack. The victim was named as 13 year old Heyva Mihemed Kelho.

The wounded were taken to Avrin hospital in Afrin city center for treatment.

Security officials named the wounded as Dilber Kelho (13), Mihemed Ziyad Nebi (9), Henan Mihemed Kelho (11), Şivan Xelil Kelho (7), Xelil Nebil Kelho (42), Jinav Ziyad Kelho (8), Ava Xelil Kelho (11), Dijwar Nezmi (8), Basil Cuma Omer (27) and Rami Cuma Ebdulah (28).



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