People and defense forces shoulder to shoulder in Jindires


People are not abandoning their lands in Jindires, where the Turkish state and allied gangs have been bombing continuously for two months both from the air and the land, as they become a steel core with the YPG/YPJ and SDF fighters to resist invasion.

The invasion operation against Afrin by the Turkish state and their allied gangs, and the Resistance of the Age waged against it by Afrin’s defense forces and people continue on the 29th day. In Jindires where the invasion attacks have been the most intense for the last few days, despite constant bombing by the Turkish state, the people and the defense forces have become one as they resist.


We entered Jindires under bombings. The people in the district have refused to leave their lands and are defending Jindires shoulder to shoulder with the defense forces. Afrin Asayish members are also present on all fronts. It is possible to see Women’s Asayish members on every front as well. On one of the Jindires fronts, we talked to women’s asayish members. Some of them have children, others are 20-something young women, who all state that they have the duty to defend their land.


Afrin Women’s Asayish member 35 years old Elmas Celal spoke to the ANF in the constantly bombed Jindires district, and stated that she is defending the lands she was born in, and they will never abandon them. Elmas Celal said they are ready to pay whatever price necessary to defend their country: “This country is ours, and we have nowhere else to go.”


Women’s Asayish member 19 years old Ruxaş Ehmed said their morale is high and they defend their lands and their people on the frontlines. Büşta Mihemed (19) said she has been in the Asayish for four months, and she is in the trenches to defend her people: “As long as we have one more drop of blood in us, we will not give up our arms and we will not leave our land.”


We met Zekerya Ibrahim in front of their home in the city under the bombs, who said the city is constantly bombed and civilians are targeted. Miemed Ebû Ridwan called on the Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan to “come fight face to face if he is so brave”, and Kamil Reşît said Erdoğan started this journey with Ottoman dreams and is now murdering civilians.


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