Wounded YPJ fighter: “My wound is my pride”


YPJ fighter Rûken Gerzan was wounded resisting the barbaric attacks by the invading Turkish state and said that her wound is her pride, as it shows she was able to give back to her people.

The invading Turkish state and their allied Al Qaeda terrorist groups use all arguments for war and advanced technology to barbarically attack Afrin, where the YPG and YPJ fighter retaliate the heavy attacks with great will. YPJ fighter Rûken Gerzan, stationed in the Shexorza front where intense attacks and a historic resistance against them continue, spoke about the intense clashes in this front.

Rûken Gerzan was hit by shrapnel from mortar fire as she was trying to save her wounded comrades. She said she had participated in the Resistance of the Age despite all efforts on the contrary and was resisting the invasion attacks. Ruken stated that they broke the Turkish state’s heavy attacks against the Shexorza village.

Speaking about the moment she was wounded, Rûken Gerzan said: “I went to get the wounded comrades in the Shexorze front where the attacks were intense. On the way back, a mortar shell hit close to us and shrapnel from it got lodged in my body. I have been in countless clashes before, but this was the first time I was wounded. I removed the shrapnel with my own hands. It was a weird feeling. I was ardent. Because my wound is a source of pride.”

Rûken Gerzan said she is sad she will be removed from her comrades and the battle front for a while, and said: “For our people and for our land, we will not retreat one step on these lands. We will resist until the end, to keep the promise we made our comrades.”


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