SDF: Nine military vehicles and tanks destroyed in Afrin


Nine Turkish military vehicles and tanks were destroyed in the last 24 hours in Afrin, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said.

SDF released a statement on the details of the fighting between SDF forces and the Turkish army.

The statement read as follows:


Invading Turkish army and ISIS-Al Nusra gangs attacked Sterk village with heavy weapons. The attacks continued until late Thursday and caused great damage to residents’ homes.

Turkish warplanes flew over the city center on Thursday night.

At 03h30 invading army and ISIS-Al Nusra gangs attacked Cuqe and Sterk villages.


Our forces destroyed four Turkish military vehicles near Deqa village.

Turkish army attacked Abdulrahmen cemetery which is an obvious sign of Turkey’s and Turkish gang’s barbarism.

Turkish reconnaissance planes flew over the region at 7h00 on Friday.

Turkish army attacked Sendikan village with heavy weapons at 13h00 on Friday. And in the afternoon Turkish army and ISIS-Al Nusra gangs launched an attempt to advance in Mehmediye village front. The army and gangs suffered heavy casualties and retreated leaving the bodies of fellow soldiers behind.


Turkish warplanes bombed civilian homes in Baflune village at 21h00 on Thursday.


Our forces targeted a Turkish military vehicle near Kaniya Batmane village.

Xerabi Sorik village was targeted by Turkish army and ISIS-Al Nusra gangs. The bombings destroyed several houses and the mosque of the village.

In another development invading Turkish army and its gangs targeted Hac Xelil and Mira mountains.

In Shadiya village Turkish army and gangs were ambushed by our forces. A tank and a military vehicle were destroyed and those who were inside were killed.


Turkish army and Al-Nusra and ISIS gangs were ambushed near Ceqela village. A Turkish military vehicle was destroyed and all soldiers and gang members inside were killed.


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