Participants of the Long March reach Geneva


Participants of the Lausanne-Geneva march have arrived in Geneva where they called on the United Nations to act immediately for Afrin.

The Long March started to condemn the international plot against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan and to call on the United Nations to stop the Turkish state’s invasion operation against Afrin continues. Over a thousand people including 200 internationalists from 37 countries are joining the march.

On the fourth day of the march, the activists have reached Geneva where they gathered in front of the United Nations headquarters on the 19th anniversary of the international conspiracy against Abdullah Ocalan.

Speakers on behalf of internationalists and institutions under the European Platform for Afrin strongly condemned the international conspiracy and demanded freedom for the Kurdish leader. Remarking that those involved in the conspiracy against Ocalan have become an accomplice in the Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin today, the speakers emphasised that Ocalan will gain his freedom through the resistance of the peoples of the world.

Describing Turkey’s invasion attempt against Afrin as an attack on human values, speakers urged the United Nations to fulfil its mission.

The speakers said they will never accept the attacks against Afrin and will enhance the solidarity with the Kurdish people.

“Peoples will never submit to the sovereign powers anymore. We triumphed in Kobane, we will triumph in Afrin, too”, they said.

The march will end with a rally that is expected to be joined by over 10 thousand people on Friday.


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