Muslim: Turkey spills our blood with weapons provided by the West


In a conference he attended in Geneva, PYD Foreign Relations Spokesperson Salih Muslim criticized the western countries for providing weapons for Turkish regime.

 “Turkey spills our blood with the weapons you provide,” Muslim said and added that they don’t expect countries to fight against Turkey, but to act in accordance with the ethics of international law.

The Solidarity with Afrin Platform held a conference in Geneva, Switzerland on the latest situation in Afrin.

PYD Foreign Relations spokesperson Salih Muslim spoke in the conference and stated that the people in Afrin are defending their own homes and their own lands.

Muslim called Turkey’s attacks against Afrin “a wish to avenge the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa and Deir Ez Zor” and stated that Turkey wants to invade Afrin and settle in ISIS and other radical Islamist groups there. Muslim said, “All radical groups from Damascus and other Syrian regions were brought to Idlib. This was done through accords reached in Geneva or other meetings. Now they want these groups to end up here. The Erdoğan government wants to settle these groups in Afrin. This way he will use the region against everybody else, really. He wants to change the demographic structure and use it against Kurds here. He wants to use the jihadist groups as a constant threat and leverage against Europe and the Middle East. As such, the bombers in the UK, France and Germany have been crossing into Europe through Turkey.”


Muslim said they don’t expect the West fight Turkey but to act in accordance with the ethics of international law: “We don’t tell the West to fight with Turkey, or to not trade with them. But Turkey is spilling our blood with the weapons you provide them. There are UN resolutions and rules of international law. They can’t use these weapons to massacre civilians. The UN Security Council says so. So, aren’t the people dying in Afrin civilians? People in other places are, but not the Kurds who lose their lives in Afrin? Why is there silence about this? You have a vision for democracy and institutions to that end. Turkey is killing civilians, why don’t you do something?”


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