Turkish army continues to bomb Afrin’s historic sites


The invading Turkish army continues its barbaric attacks against Afrin and bombs the historic sites in the region.

The invading Turkish army and their allied Al Qaeda terrorist groups, who have been barbarically attacking Afrin with fighter jets and heavy weapons, continue to kill civilians and target historic sites. After the bombing of the Eyn Darê and Nebi Hori temples, now the Romani Temple has been damaged in a bombing.

The temple stands in the Kalotê village in the Sherawa district, and was one of the oldest known sites in the region. The temple is known to have been used as a church after the 4th century, and Muslims who came into the region after the 10th century used the temple as a defensive citadel.

Damascus University Archaelogy Faculty Dean Selaheddin Sino stated that part of the temple had been destroyed in the bombing. Our reporters in the region documented the damage done to the temple.


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