Moslem: Erdoğan is a threat to the whole world


TEV-DEM foreign relations official Saleh Moslem: “The Erdoğan mentality is not only a threat to the Kurds and Rojava. Erdoğan is a threat to peace and security around the world.”

TEV-DEM foreign relations official and former PYD leader Saleh Moslem and Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) co-chair Riyad Derar held a press conference in Brussels on the Turkish state’s attacks against the northern Syrian canton of Afrin ongoing since January 20.

Saleh Moslem said Erdoğan posed a threat to the whole world in attacking Efrîn. He stressed that Turkey was opposed to a democratic change in its immediate vicinity and that civilian settlements in Afrin were under constant bombardment of the Turkish armed forces.

“We are seeking a democratic Syria and advocating a democratic federation as a solution. Turkey, however, is against it, “said Moslem.

Furthermore, Moslem criticized NATO’s silence to the massacres of the civilian population of Rojava and reminded that Turkey is a member state of NATO and is negotiating with the European Union for possible EU accession.

“The Erdoğan mentality is not only a threat to the Kurds and Rojava. Erdoğan is a threat to peace and security around the world.”


Regarding the question of why Afrin was the target of the Turkish attacks, Riyad Derar, co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, said that the revolution in northern Syria, which has sprouted in recent years, has changed the situation of the entire region.

“Syria’s opposition has turned to extremism over the years. The revolution in Rojava turns the image of this development on its head.”

Derar pointed out the Islamic State invasion in Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, saying that ISIS extremists attack the Kurds with Turkish help.

“All radical groups in the north of Aleppo share the mindset of the Islamic State. I saw that in Seydnaya with my own eyes. All these groups are out to commit massacres against people. They do not recognize human rights,” said Derar.


Regarding Erdoğan’s claim that the Turkish army was advancing against “terrorists” in northern Syria, Derar said, “Who are the terrorists? From northern Syrian soil, not a single bullet was fired towards Turkey. Afrin is the safest area in the region. All the different peoples live together in peace and host about half a million refugees from all over Syria. We are a people of peace and we want to live in peace with our neighbors.”


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