The 25th day of Afrin resistance through the ANF lens


Journalists Baki Gül and Dilgeş Amed visit the villages in the regions of Bilbilê and Rajo in Afrin and take in the impressions of the population as well as the attacks of the Turkish state.

On the 25th day of the Afrin Resistance I [Baki Gül] traveled together with my friend, the cameraman Dilgeş Amed, through the Bilbilê and Rajo regions, where the fighting and the bombardment are most intense. Among other things, we were able to record the bombing of civilian settlements by the Turkish military.

The resistance of Afrin continues on all levels on the 25th day. The Turkish military has not been able to advance on the ground for 25 days and wants to force its advance through the bombardments of the villages of Afrin. The resistance of the defense units YPG and YPJ on the other hand persists in all positions.

The Turkish military bombards the villages with artillery and tanks. But the villagers are determined not to leave home. They are angry at the attacks and defend their villages themselves.

The Turkish military bombed the villages in Rajo and Bilbilê especially around noon today with artillery. Also in Rajo city purposefully civilian houses were shot at by the Turkish military.


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