Swiss MP: “The invasion is unacceptable, action must be taken”


Switzerland Federal MP Denis de la Reussille called the Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin an invasion, and called on international forces to take action against the Turkish state.

Reactions against the Turkish state and their allied gangs attacking to invade Afrin continue to pour in. Switzerland Workers Party (POP) Federal MP Denis de la Reussille spoke to the ANF and called the Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin a direct invasion attempt, while stating that the silence of Europe and Switzerland in the face of recent events is unacceptable.


Reussille also said he is furious against the worldwide silence in the face of the Turkish state’s invasion of Afrin and added: “The Turkish state entering the territory of another country and attacking Kurds who defend democracy in the region is a scandal. This can have no rightful excuse.”

“It was thanks to the Kurdish forces under attack today that the ISIS presence in the region was removed and people were liberated,” said Reussille and added: “Europe has quickly forgotten that the Kurds are the most important force fighting ISIS. It is unacceptable for Switzerland and Europe to remain silent in the face of the Turkish state attacks.”


Reusille mentioned the international law Turkey is subject to and stated that the Turkish state entering Syrian territory and attacking the Afrin Canton openly violates international law. Reussille said Turkey has ignored international law before they started attacking Afrin, and stressed that with their support for ISIS and other extremist Islamist groups before, Turkey had in fact been committing more crimes. Reussille continued: “Unfortunately, despite the many protests, Switzerland continues to sell weapons to Turkey who continues to disregard international law. Today, the Turkish state is attacking Kurds together with the jihadist groups they have been sending weapons aid to.”


“Standing with the Erdoğan dictatorship instead of the Kurds who have the most democratic system in the region is a great contradiction,” said Reussille and added: “The autonomous structure built in Rojava has the most democratic and progressive structure in my and my party’s opinion. Calling forces therein terrorists, in mimicry of some circles’ discourse, is ridiculous. And, these forces called terrorist structures under fire by Turkey today did receive our support when they were fighting ISIS to defend humanity and democratic values.”


Reussille compared the South African leader Mandela’s movement and the Kurdish movement: “Mandela and his movement were called terrorists as well. But later, with support from international forces, Mandela achieved so much. Mandela was awarded a peace prize. The same is happening today with the Kurds, and I say these forces dubbed ‘terrorists’ have the most democratic structure in the Middle East. The system they built is very important for the future of the region. Kurds today want their most natural right, to be autonomous or independent on their own lands. Unfortunately, this demand of the Kurds does not receive international support. Normally, supporting the Kurds who have the most democratic system in the region should be a duty for us. Most importantly, Europe is condoning these attacks against the Kurds who have a system that is promising for the region today by staying silent. This is unacceptable. Action must be taken against the Turkish state attacks.


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