“Everywhere Afrin, everywhere resistance”


The second stage of the Lausanne-Geneva march began with great enthusiasm. Participants of the march demand freedom for Ocalan, protest against Turkey’s attacks against Afrin and call upon the UN to act.

The Long March organized to protest against the international plot against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan and call upon the United Nations to stop Turkey’s invasion attacks against Afrin, continues.

The second stage of the Lausanne-Geneva march began early Tuesday morning in Morges city of Switzerland. The march is held under the lead of European Platform for Afrin which is made up of 82 institutions and organizations, and is joined by over a thousand people who include 200 internationalists from 37 countries.

“Freedom for Ocalan, status for Kurdistan”, “UN stop the massacres in Afrin” read the banners held by the activists who chant “Everywhere Afrin, everywhere resistance” and “Freedom for Ocalan” in Kurdish, English, French, German, Catalan, Spanish and other languages as they head towards Geneva.

Participants of the march from various folks are holding flags of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), PYD (Democratic Union Party), YPG (People’s Defense Units), YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) and of the organizations that support the march.

Activists also chant “Murderer Erdogan” and “Terrorist Turkey” in condemnation of the Turkish state’s increasingly ongoing genocidal attacks against the Kurdish people.

The Lausanne-Geneva march will end with a rally to be held in front of the United Nations with the participation of 10 thousand people on February 16.


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