Delegation from Southern Kurdistan: Afrin is not alone


Southern Kurdistan parliamentarians that came to Afrin for solidarity stated that Afrin victory will be the victory of entire Kurdistan, saying; “To support Rojava and Northern Syria is a duty of ours.”

A group of parliamentarians from Kurdistan Region Parliament arrived in Afrin Sunday evening for solidarity with the resistance against the attacks of the Turkish state and allied jihadist groups. The delegation is comprised of Communist Party parliamentarian Ebu Karwan, KDP parliamentarian Eli Halo, Gorran Movement parliamentarian Şêrko Heme Emin and Yekgırtu parliamentarian Suhrab Mikail.

The delegation held a press briefing with the participation of Democratic Autonomous Administration co-chairs Hêvi Mıstefa and Osman Şêx İsa, PYD (Democratic Union Party) co-chair Eyşe Hıso, Legislative Council co-chair Mıhemed Seid Yûsıf, Afrin Canton Council co-chair Mistefa Hesen and TEV-DEM (Movement for Democratic Society) co-chair Daliya Henan.

Democratic Autonomous Administration co-chair Hêvi Mıstefa stated that a historic resistance is mounted against the ongoing attacks in Afrin, saying; “The visit of Southern Kurdistan parliamentarians has shown that the people of Afrin are not alone.”

Speaking after, parliamentarians said the resistance of Afrin people proved to be stronger than all the technical capacities of the enemies and stressed that the victory of Afrin is the victory of four parts of Kurdistan. Remarking that Kurdish national unity is needed more than ever, the delegation members said the parliament of Southern Kurdistan is ready to provide any help.

Answering the journalists’ questions, the delegation members said their support is at moral and political level at the moment, adding that their efforts continue for the removal of the embargo on Afrin, and that they are taking steps in order for international forces to adopt a stand against Turkey’s attacks.

The parliamentarians underlined that it is their duty to support Rojava and Northern Syria.


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