“We are proud of Avrîn”


Avrîn Mahsum fell in Afrin while documenting the Turkish attacks as a member of the YPJ Press Center. Her sister living in Hamburg describes her and another fallen brother as the pride of the family.

Avrîn Mahsum (Bêrîvan Mustafa) was a member of the Press Center of the Women’s Defense Units YPJ and fell on January 27 while filming the battles in the Rajo district. “She was our youngest, our dearest” says her sister Amîna Mustafa, who lives in Hamburg.

Avrîn was born in 1995 as the eighth child of a family in the Aqube town of Afrin. She is the second of the eight siblings who fell in the Kurdish liberation struggle. Her brother Xelîl joined the Liberation Movement in 1999 after Abdullah Öcalan’s abduction into Turkey and died in a battle in Girkê Legê in 2013. Avrîn, who at that time still went to high school, joined the YPG after his death. Another brother, Mahsum Çiya, is a commander in the ranks of the YPG.

Speaking to Yeni Özgür Politika newspaper, Amina Mustafa says her family has always been close to the liberation movement and Avrin grew up in it. “She was a small but strong child. Injustice was unbearable to her. When someone did wrong to her, she immediately resisted. She was also a good student. ”

After the death of her brother Xelîl, Avrîn wanted to continue his fight, Amîna tells. She was first with the Asayish, the security forces, and then went to press relations. “Avrîn and Xelîl are the pride of the family,” says Amîna.


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