SDF: One helicopter and one panzer destroyed in Afrin


SDF Press Office stated that one helicopter and one panzer were destroyed during the battle in Afrin on Saturday.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Office released the balance sheet of the battle in Afrin Canton of Northern Syria for Saturday.

Accordingly, Turkish invasion forces continued to bomb civilian areas. During ensuing clashes and actions carried out in response, at least 25 gang members were killed in Shiye. One helicopter and one panzer were destroyed in Rajo and Shiye.

The balance sheet of the SDF is as follows;

RAJO: In the village of Qude, our fighters downed a helicopter of the Turkish army at around 12:00 at noon.

Turkish warplanes targeted the bakery in Rajo district. The bakery was greatly damaged and cannot provide service.

In the surroundings of Qude village, our fighters destroyed a bulldozer Friday afternoon.

Turkish soldiers and gangs attacked the village of Jela at 16:00 on Friday, while the Qude village was targeted by airstrikes.

At 09:00 Saturday morning, renewed clashes erupted between our forces and the invading army near Qude village and many gang members were killed during the fighting.

At 13:00, Turkish helicopters flew over Qude village and targeted homes of civilians.

SHIYE: At 15:00 Friday afternoon, clashes erupted between our forces and terrorists in the surroundings of Haj Bilal village. At least 25 members of the gangs were confirmed dead.

At 16:00, Turkish warplanes flew over Shiketka and Turmush villages. It later came out that a massacre was perpetrated in Shiketka village where a house was demolished during the bombardment while civilians were in it.

At 01:45, Turkish warplanes targeted the surroundings of Shiye district.

Near Haj Bilal village, our forces hit and destroyed a panzer vehicle of the invading forces.

JINDIRES: The village of Azcele was targeted by intense bombardment at 16:00, while the Kanî Gewrikê front was bombed with heavy weaponry. The Beyreqdar hill near Hemam village was shelled with heavy weaponry.

Turkish tanks bombed the villages of Dêrbelût, Axçelê and Mile Xelîla from Atme camp, using migrants as a shield for themselves.

Fierce fighting took place between our forces and the Turkish army, allied gangs in the village of Haj Iskender.

SHERA: The invading Turkish army and allied gangs brutally targeted the villages of Baflûnê and Ereb Wêranê inhabited by Ezidis. There was helicopter activity over Omera village at 13:00.

At 13:00 in the afternoon, Turkish army and allied gangs once again bombed and severely damaged the water treatment plant in Metina village.

Again at 13:00, Turkish warplanes targeted civilian areas again. One house was hit in the aerial bombardment, killing one civilian and injuring two others.

BILBILÊ: Turkish warplanes bombed Qestel Xidriya village at 01:00 at night.

In the same area, clash erupted between our forces and invading forces at 09:00 in the morning.

Turkish warplanes bombed the village of Musanke close to Afrin city centre at 11:00 in the morning.


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