Migrant in Atme Camp: Turkish forces use us as human shields


A migrant in Atme Refugee Camp, from where the Turkish state conducts attacks against Afrin, stated that they are being used as human shields by Turkish forces.

The Turkish state and allied terrorist groups that continue their inhuman attacks against Afrin were exposed to be carrying out attacks on Afrin from the Atme Refugee Camp, in an effort to make the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) respond to these attacks and eventually commit a massacre against the displaced people in the camp.

A group of news agencies went to the Atme Camp and talked to the migrants sheltered here. Videos by these news agencies clearly show that the camp is being used as a center of attacks by the Turkish state.

A migrant spoke to Ined Beledi News Agency and said they took shelter in this camp after fleeing from the repression of the Ba’ath regime. He told that; “We do not feel safe here because the Turkish state is using us as human shields in their attacks against Afrin. The Turkish state is attacking Afrin from this camp where we are sheltered. We cannot sleep at night because of the artillery attacks carried out from the camp.”



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