Delegation from Southern Kurdistan parliament in Afrin


Delegation from Southern Kurdistan that arrived in Afrin said the resistance of Afrin made them proud and put emphasis on the importance of national unity.

A group of parliamentarians from Kurdistan Region Parliament has arrived in Afrin Sunday evening, welcomed by Autonomous Administration representatives and hundreds of Afrin residents at the Square of Martyrs.

The delegation is comprised of Communist Party parliamentarian Ebu Karwan, KDP parliamentarian Eli Halo, Gorran Movement parliamentarian Şêrko Heme Emin and Yekgırtu parliamentarian Suhrab Mikail.

Speaking at the square, Afrin Canton Executive Council Co-president Osman Şêx İsa greeted the delegation from Southern Kurdistan and said their visit made them proud and served national unity.

Speaking after, KDP parliamentarian Eli Halo said they were proud of the resistance of the Afrin people against the Turkish army. Halo said they came to Afrin to manifest the unity of Kurdish people.


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