Another civilian wounded in attacks against Afrin


The Turkish army and allied gangs continue their attacks against Afrin and Northern Syria.

55 years old civilian by the name of Heyder Sileman, living in Derwis village of Afrin’s Rajo district, has been wounded in Sunday’s artillery attacks. The man has been taken under treatment.

On the other hand, the invading Turkish army bombed the villages of Senarê, Merwaniye, Tetara and Hec Hesna in Afrin’s Shiye district.

The mentioned villages are witnessing heavy clashes between SDF fighters and invading forces.

In the meantime, it has been learned that SDF fighters destroyed a tank of the Turkish army in Shexurze village in Afrin’s Bilbile district Sunday morning.

During the following hours, SDF fighters destroyed a digger and military vehicle of the Turkish army on Uga Hill in Bilbile.


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