Internationalists’ march continues on day 3


The march launched from Luxembourg to Geneva by 200 internationalists demanding freedom for the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan and objecting to the invasion attacks against Afrin has advanced 50 km in three days.

200 internationalists of 15 nationalities from 17 countries throughout the world launched a march from Luxembourg on February 8 with the slogan “Freedom for Ocalan, Status for Kurdistan, End the Attacks on Afrin”, and the march continues on the third day.

The marchers spent the night in Talange, where they had been greeted by city council officials, and left for Metz in the morning. Many academics, journalists and politicians from Latin America, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal and other countries participate in the march and have turned their resting and lodging grounds into areas of common sharing. The marchers form communes according to the meeting they had on the first day and are sharing life.

The marchers chant slogans as they pass through residential areas and protest the isolation imposed upon Ocalan and Turkey’s attacks against Afrin. They pass out flyers and voice their demands. The march will continue on Sunday evening, having completed the France portion, and pass through Lausanne, Switzerland before continuing on to Geneva. On February 16, there will be a mass rally and sit-in in front of the UN building.


Şivan Zerdeştî from the March Organization Committee stated that their demonstration continues successfully and continued: “On the third day, the march continues with more participation. There is great excitement. Comparing with last year, it’s much better. This year 10 communes were formed for common life and sharing. Everybody takes part in a commune and shares life here.”

Zerdeştî added: “There will be seminars through the communes. Everybody will speak of the revolutionary and freedom struggles in their country and share their experiences. The march will continue with the Lauseanne and Geneva portions tomorrow. The common point everybody agrees on is to increase this solidarity further after the march.”


Meanwhile, a committee representing the marchers is holding various meetings. A committee comprised of International Kurdish Women’s Movement Representative Nursel Kılıç, Marta Perez from Catalonia and Neyara Hernandez from Spain met with Moselle MP and Foreign Relations Commission Member Ludovic Mendes from France’s governing La Republique en Marche today, where they spoke about Turkey’s civilian massacres in Afrin. Kılıç criticized French President Macron’s relationship with Turkey in the meeting and said: “Even though they are in alliance with the YPG in Rojava against ISIS, France is quiet in the face of Turkey massacring civilians in Afrin. This attack is a crime in the eyes of international law. France should take a concrete stance against Turkey, because they are using chemical weapons against civilians there.”

Catalan activist Marta Perez stated that the Rojava system has been a hope for all peoples and that “The attacks today are cause for concern.”

French Parliamentarian Ludovic Mendes objected to Turkey’s attacks and said: “I will put forth some initiatives in France’s Foreign Relations Commission. Our government already has initiatives about this matter. We will increase them further. Turkey must stop these attacks immediately. It is civilians who are harmed there.”


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