A delegation from Hewlêr Parliament on the way to Afrin


A group of parliamentarians from Kurdistan Region Parliament has left Hewler for Afrin against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state.

According to a report by Rojnews, the delegation is comprised of Communist Party parliamentarian Ebu Karwan, KDP parliamentarian Eli Halo, PUK parliamentarian Salar Mehmud, Gorran Movement parliamentarian Şêrko Heme Emin and Yekgırtu parliamentarian Suhrab Mikail.

The delegation left for Afrin early on Saturday morning in line with a decision by the Kurdistan Region Parliament, according to which one person from 5 parties is included in the delegation.

Delegation member PUK parliamentarian Salar Mehmud stated that; “We want to observe the Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin on site. The Turkish state is attacking Afrin by violating laws in an inhuman manner. We want to observe what is happening in Afrin and put them into a report which we will later submit to the Kurdistan Region Parliament and also send to international institutions.”

Salar Mehmud remarked that they want to convey the messages of Southern Kurdistan peoples to those resisting in Afrin, and mentioned their ongoing efforts for the opening of Semelka border crossing.


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