39 French senators urge the government to support Kurds in Afrin


39 senators from all political groups in France have called on the government to “support Kurds in Afrin”

39 senators have signed the call for an immediate stop to the Turkish invasion Afrin and the withdrawal of the Turkish army. 17 of the senators are from the Socialist and Republican group, 10 from the Democratic and Social Europe group, 5 are Republicans, 3 are Communists and Ecologists, 1 is from the Central Union and 1 is from the governing Republican March group. The call was launched on January 30 by Oliver Leonhardt’s lead, and other senators are expected to join in.

The call to the government states that the Kurds are the best alliance France has in the fight against ISIS, and that “Thousands of them have lost their lives in this war for our freedom and our security.”

The senators state that the Kurds are subjected to the attacks of the Turkish President’s “authoritarian regime” today, and that the villages and towns in the Afrin canton are under bombardment by Turkish fighter jets and heavy artilleries.

The call includes a reminder that there have been no threats or attacks against Turkey from the Kurdish region, and adds that over 800.000 Kurdish and Arab civilians’ lives are at risk due to Turkish attacks. The senators state that the Turkish invasion attempt is “an unacceptable attack, a severe violation of international law and a serious threat on the region’s peace and stability.”

The senators say: “It is a moral imperative for France, the US and all members of the International Coalition to defend those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom and be in solidarity with our allies and our comrades in arms. It is time to break this deaf silence by the international community in the face of this attack. We are calling on France to speak up, and to use all the influence the country has in the UN Security Council and Europe to demand an immediate withdrawal of the Turkish army from Afrin and an immediate end to their intervention.”


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