YPJ Spokeswoman: Turkey intends to perpetrate a genocide in Afrin

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YPJ spokeswoman and commander Nesrin Abdullah is in Stockholm for diplomatic talks.

Speaking at a press conference in the Swedish parliament, Nesrin Abdullah, spokeswoman and commander for the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) in Rojava, drew attention to the Turkish regime’s intention to carry out a genocide on the population in Afrin with jihadist militias.

Nesrin Abdullah explained to numerous journalists that in Afrin so far, a peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups and faiths has taken place. “For 20 days, the NATO member Turkey has been attacking Afrin in front of the world public. These attacks are contrary to international law. The supposed security interests of Turkey are not right. We demand that the Turkish state provide evidence that we have attacked Turkey. We are the ones who are attacked and the civilian population suffers the most. According to our information, 148 civilians have been killed by the Turkish attacks. Many of the dead are women and children, “said the YPJ spokeswoman.

Furthermore, more than 300 civilians were injured and 77 militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) fell as martyrs. “These attacks are carried out with weapons from NATO countries,” said Nesrin Abdullah.

Three days ago there were indications that the Turkish military had used the chemical Sarin gas, continued the commander. As fighting continued in the region, no detailed investigations could take place yet.

Furthermore, Nesrin Abdullah denied the claims of Turkey that the YPG / YPJ had attacked refugee camps and Turkish towns such as Kilis and Reyhanli with mortar shells. Rather, there is evidence of Turkey’s support for ISIS: “We captured about forty ISIS members who testified that they had crossed inyo Syria with the consent of the Turkish state.”

Showing images of Turkish attacks against historical structures, dams and water wells, Abdullah said: “Children cannot attend classes because they attack schools as well. The Alevis, Christian population and churches in the region also suffer from the attacks of the Turkish state. We have concerns over a probable massacre against the Christian people in the event that Turkey and ISIS enter Afrin.

Speaking after YPJ Spokeswoman, Greens MP and Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commission member Walter Mutt described YPG/YPJ fighters as heroes of today. Mutt said; “The Turkish state attacks not only Afrin but also all humanity, basic principles of international law and the international judicial system. For this reason, Sweden, the European Union and United Nations Security Council should manifest a strong stand to stop Turkey’s state terror.

Mutt underlined that the Greens and all pro-peace circles in Sweden are with the people of Afrin and fighters of the YPG/YPJ.

Abdullah was then interviewed by Swedish News Agency TT, Swedish State Television, Tv 4, Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet newspapers.

Answering Swedish News Agency TT’s questions about the foreign ISIS members in Syria, YPJ spokeswoman said they hold about 300 ISIS members from 40 countries as prisoners.

Abdullah said they do not recognize these ISIS members as prisoners of war because they took part in acts of terrorism, and demanded that European countries accept these ISIS members from their countries and put them on trial.

Remarking that the captured ISIS members are held in special prisons, Abdullah said; “These are a great problem to us. We do not know what to do with them. According to our constitution, they cannot be sentenced to death penalty. They will remain in prison. We cannot release them because they will constitute a global threat for everyone in the world.”

Abdullah added that Swedish and Swiss citizens are among the ISIS members held in prisons.


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