Turkish army uses refugee camp to attack Afrin

Overview of Atmah's refugee camp sec ion A and B. February 8th, 2013. Atmah, Idlib, Syria Situated along the Turkish border Atmah's refugee camp is considered the biggest refugee camp inside Syria's territory with an estimated number of 16,000 refugees and growing by the day. Most of them from from Idlib and Hama province but also some residents come from Homs province.

Turkish army set up positions with heavy weapons in Atmeh Refugee camp and carries out attacks on Afrin from these locations, SDF sources say.

Atmeh camp is located on the border between Afrin canton and Idlib and is controlled by Al Qaeda affiliated Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham. Recently Turkish army set up military positions within the camp.

SDF sources say that these positions are equipped with heavy weapons and Turkish army is carrying out attacks on Afrin from Atmeh refugee camp.

Several villages near Jindires are targeted by Turkish artillery positioned in Atmeh.


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