SDF: “Bodies are being tortured, it’s barbaric”


The Democratic Syrian forces (SDF) have announced that the gangs gathered from ISIS and Al Nusra under the Turkish state have tortured the bodies of SDF fighters who lost their lives.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has issued a written statement and pointed out the atrocity in Qestel Cindo. The statement says a fighter’s body was tortured after death.

The SDF said: “Every day, new videos emerge showing the invading Turkish Army and gang groups attacking bodies, documenting the atrocity of the invading army and their gangs.”

The statement mentioned the YPJ fighter whose body was attacked and the video posted on social media. The SDF statement continued with the following: “The images of torture against a civilian abducted from their home shocked the viewers. A new video emerging from the Azaz town shows an attack on a YPG Fighter’s body. These videos expose the true, barbaric face of the invading Turkish Army and their gangs and show that the attacks on the bodies are deliberate.”

The SDF exposed the true face of the terror groups and stated the following: “Ehmed Mihemed Henan (Amed), one of our Fighters who never backs down and chooses to resist until the end, was martyred in a heroic resistance in the village of Qestel Cindo. As the Democratic Syrian Forces, we state that attacks on the bodies of our martyrs we never diminish the heroism of our fighters. We expose these images for the whole world to see the true face of terror groups who claim to be revolutionaries. The silence of international states and human rights organizations in the face of these inhuman attacks casts a shadow on their raison d’etre. The Turkish State and their allied terror groups are trampling all human values and laws.”


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