France: Turkey and Iran are violating international law in Syria


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian criticized Turkey’s actions and Iranian involvement in northern Syria and said both parties are violating international law.

France’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that Turkey and Iran were both violating the international law through their actions in Syria, France’s toughest comments yet on Turkish involvement in the Syrian conflict.

Speaking on BFM television, Le Drian said that he wants “the withdrawal of all of those who ought not to be in Syria, including Iranian militia, including Hezbollah.”

About Turkey’s attacks against civilians, Le Drian added, “Ensuring the security of its borders does not mean killing civilians and that should be condemned. In a dangerous situation in Syria, (Turkey) should not add war to war.”

Le Drian said international law “is being violated by Turkey, by the Damascus regime, by Iran and those who are attacking eastern Ghouta and Idlib”.


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