TEV-DEM: “Invaders are doomed to fail”


TEV-DEM Executive Council has saluted the tens of thousands of people marching to Afrin to support the Resistance of the Age on its 19th day.

The statement issued with the TEV-DEM Executive Council’s signature says, “Faced with the magnificent resistance of our peoples, the invading Turkish army and the Al Qaeda and FSA gangs they gathered are doomed to fail.”

The TEV-DEM statement is as follows:

“First, we would like to commemorate all our immortal heroes who reached martyrdom in their noble resistance against the invading Turkish army forces and the Al Qaeda and FSA gangs they gathered, in the person of Avesta Xabûr and the YPJ comrade whose body was tampered with, and we repeat our promise that we will certainly crown their memory with victory. Faced with the magnificent resistance of our peoples, the invading Turkish army and the Al Qaeda and FSA gangs they gathered are doomed to fail. The rightful, legitimate, organized peoples who resist will certainly prevail. For the first time in history, the Kurdish, Arab, Christian, Circassian, Chechen and Turkmen peoples have come together shoulder to shoulder to resist the genocidal attacks of invaders.


All our peoples in Northern Syria taking their place in the resistance front along with the people of Afrin in resistance, thousands of Northern Syrians flooding to Afrin with the slogan “Enough with the Turkish state genocide and invasion” already herald the honorable victory of Afrin. We wholeheartedly celebrate the honorable Afrin March by our people against the invasion. The tyrants will certainly suffer the heaviest blow in history in these lands this time and experience a historic defeat. This resolute and unique resistance has resulted in the defeat of the invading Turkish army and their gangs on the first day, and they haven’t been able to advance on Afrin territory. As long as the invading hordes are on Afrin’s lands, it is necessary for the resistance to continue to be developed to become more resolute, more organized and more creative. Every day, in every place, the struggle must continue with new and creative popular resistances.”


TEV-DEM also issued a call for the Coalition forces and Russia and said:

“It is no secret that Erdoğan and the invading Turkish army have supported ISIS and Al Nusra gangs from the beginning as they do now, and made the gangs attack Kurdish, Arab, Christian, Chechen, Circassian and Turkmen peoples. After the ISIS gangs came to a point of dissolution when faced with the SDF, YPG and YPJ forces, Erdoğan and the invading Turkish army have taken to attacking alongside Al Qaeda and Nusra. Humanity must see the people of Afrin and their rightful and legitimate struggle against these invading forces that have carried out hundreds of massacres against women and children, and speak up against the invasion. As necessitated by the joint struggle the Coalition forces wage with the SDF, YPG and YPJ against ISIS and Al Nusra forces, they need to determine their stance regarding the invasion forces. Russia must avoid negotiating Afrin for Idlib, stop sacrificing the Kurds for their interests, and not facilitate an invasion.”


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