Swedish Left Party MP: The world should not leave Afrin alone


Swedish Left Party MP Amineh Kakabaveh stated that the Turkish army attacks against Afrin have harmed women and children the most and added: “The world should not stand and watch these events and should not leave the people of Afrin alone.”

Swedish Left Party MP Amineh Kakabaveh stated that Turkey is going through an internal crisis and an issue of nongovernance, and that AKP, having been stuck, is attacking Afrin because they want to draw attention to the outside and gather support from chauvinist circles.

Kakabaveh pointed out the similarities between the Kurdish policies of Erdoğan and Assad: “Assad and Erdoğan are in a tacit cooperation against Kurds. They are both against Kurds achieving any status. Assad doesn’t have the strength to suppress the autonomous administration. Erdoğan takes on that job, and Assad watches contently.”


Kakabaveh said Erdoğan sees the democratic structure in Rojava that women and oppressed peoples govern together as a threat and said: “He wants to exile the Kurds and minority peoples from the area and replace them with the 3.5 million asylum seekers in Turkey.”

Kakabaveh said the US, Western countries and Russia are aiding the Kurdish forces to drive ISIS out of the region: “But the democratic system in Rojava that has egalitarianism and socialism at its core does not sit well with any of these states. Anything done for freedom is terrorism for Erdoğan. Despite Erdoğan sending extremist Islamist gangs to attack Kurds, the Kurds managed to build their democratic cantons.”

Kakabaveh said the US and Western countries united against Russia when it came to Ukraine, but they stay silent when Kurds are being bombed. Kakabaveh continued:

“Many people are having a hard time understanding this stance. But those who follow developments in the Middle East closely know the tricks being played. Both imperialist countries and regional countries like Iran and Iraq are approving Turkey’s silence. Turkey’s interests and the military bases are important for the US, and they want to spread them. The US cooperated with the Kurds to clear the region of ISIS, but stays silent when Kurds are massacred because they don’t want to go up against their strategic partner Turkey.”


Kakabaveh pointed out that Turkey is using the weapons they procured from the US and Europe against the people and the Kurdish forces in Afrin: “Erdoğan has ignored international laws and is attacking people living on another country’s territory. This is an international war crime. But neither Iran nor Syria object to this. The US and Russia only watch. That shows that there is a silent agreement among them against Kurds. But the Kurdish people, who built their own system in Rojava through losing thousands of fighters, are resisting in Afrin and they will continue to resist to protect their gains.”

When asked why the European Union stays silent in the face of the attacks against Afrin, Kakabaveh said: “They also prefer cooperating with current states instead of a libertarian system in the Middle East. And, they are afraid Erdoğan will send the migrants to Europe.”


Kakabaveh said that as the Left Party, they cannot accept Sweden’s silence in the face of the attacks against Afrin, when Sweden has stood with oppressed peoples in the United Nations and international meetings in the past: “I ask the Foreing Minister what she plans to do to stop the attacks. She says she will increase humanitarian aid. It’s scandalous to speak of humanitarian aid when one country is massacring people on another country’s territory. Children, women and civilians are dying and the minister talks to me about humanitarian aid. As the Left Party, we demand the minister openly condemn Turkey and take the matter to the UN and the EU to put a stop to the attacks.”


Kakabaveh said, “The outside world, oppressed peoples, NGOs and workers should object to Erdoğan’s attacks, just like in Kobanê. They shouldn’t leave the people of Afrin alone.”

Swedish Left Party MP Amineh Kakabaveh gave a message of solidarity: “We will continue to take the events in Afrin to the parliament and the agenda of the Swedish people. Until victory we will support the people of Afrin who resist the fascist Turkish state’s attacks and bombings with resolve.”


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