SDF: 9 Turkish soldiers in clashes in Afrin


Syrian Democratic Forces announced that 9 Turkish soldiers have been killed in clashes since last night.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Press Office announced the balance sheet of clashes and attacks in Afrin Canton of Northern Syria, providing information on the latest situation on four fronts where fighting continues.


The village of Chele was targeted by intense artillery attacks at 03:00 last night. The aggression continued for a few hours. The invading Turkish army and jihadist groups attempted to move towards the village of Shexorze at 23:00 last night. Clashes that erupted upon the response of our forces continued into the morning. Our forces dealt a heavy blow on the enemy and a BMB type military vehicle was destroyed.


Reconnaissance aircraft of the invading Turkish army flew over Jindires region, mainly over Al-Mahmadiya village at 11:00 o’clock. On the other hand, warplanes airdropped some unidentified materials on the border area where jihadist groups are stationed.

At 11:00 o’clock, the Turkish army carried out intense artillery attack on the villages of Der Belot and Sindiyaka.


Our assassination units carried out an action near Iza Hill, which left 2 Turkish soldiers dead.

Our forces carried out another action against the Turkish units on Iza Hill, as a result of which 7 Turkish soldiers were killed. After 13:00 o’clock, the invading Turkish army and jihadist groups attempted to enter Haj Bilal village. Clashes that erupted upon the intervention of our forces are still ongoing.

Turkish army carried out artillery attacks from Reyhanlı against the village of Cheqala in the afternoon. The aggression continues.


The invading forces conducted intense artillery attacks on Rajo region and the attack continues.


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