600 Iranian artists issue declaration for Afrin


A petition launched in Iran in support of Afrin has been signed by 620 artists.

620 people including artists, musicians, actors, writers, composers, directors and theater actors in Iran have issued a joint declaration in support of the Afrin resistance. The artists launched a petition for support.

The declaration condemns the invasion attacks of the Turkish state and their gangs against Afrin and includes the following:

“For centuries, there have been great pains in the Middle East due to empires and their aggressive policies. From the Asyrian empire to Erdogan, the Kurdish people have been victimized and massacred the most. Following his many defeats, Erdogan now issues a firman (order) against Afrin and attacks. Instead of solving issues through dialogue, Erdoğan has destroyed even the existing path to peace and dialogue. He destroyed Amed, Cizre and many other provinces. He used Syrian refugees for his own interests and took one billion Euros from Europe. Now, without any excuse, he is attacking Afrin.

We as Iranian artists are calling on all peoples, don’t stay silent in the face of Erdoğan’s crimes. We are calling the countries of the world to stand against the attacks on Afrin. International human rights organizations should also take action for Afrin.”


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