Thousands meet in Kobane on the way to Afrin


Thousands headed to Afrin from Cizire and Shengal regions have reached Kobane.

Thousands of people from Cizire and Shengal regions have reached Kobane on their way to Afrin in solidarity with the Resistance of the Age with the motto “No to invasion and massacre”.

Welcomed by a large number of residents in Kobane Canton, the mass will leave for Afrin on Monday.

Crowds gathered at the Free Women’s Square and gave the message “People’s will is going to triumph in Kobane”.

Speaking here, Kobane Executive Council Co-president Anwar Muslim stated that; “The war against Afrin targets the will of Syrian people and the democratic project. Our people choose to resist. Erdogan will face in Afrin what ISIS faced in Kobane.”

TEV-DEM (Democratic Society Movement) Cizire Council Co-president Xelil Osman said the following; “This enthusiasm of the people strengthens the belief in victory. No matter how intense the attacks against the people of Northern Syria might be, people’s will is going to triumph in the end.”


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