Arab guerrillas: Arab youth should join the Afrin resistance


Arab guerrillas in HPG ranks stated that the Turkish army will face the same fate with ISIS and called on Arab youth to take part in the Afrin resistance.

Serdem Qamişlo made a statement on behalf of the Arab guerrillas in HPG (People’s Defense Forces) ranks and recalled that they were influenced by Kurdish Freedom Movement and joined the guerrilla tanks after witnessing the atrocity of Assad regime and ISIS gang.

Qamişlo said they did not pay homage to the Assad regime and fought against ISIS for the sake of an equal life and brotherhood of peoples, stressing that they will never allow an invasion of Afrin.

Qamişlo pointed out the following; “We made ISIS suffer a huge defeat in Raqqa and we are dealing the final blow in Deir ez-Zor now. We made the Turkish gangs regret in Kobane and we will resist and defeat the barbaric Turkish state in Afrin. Nobody should doubt this. We call on all Arab youth to join the Resistance of the Age in Afrin. This is the resistance to defend our honor, dignity and land.”


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